Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Starbright Work?

Starbright™ charges using the power of the sun. Using the included stake you can set it down on the ground or just set it down in the sunlight. When it turns dark outside the Starbright lights will automatically turn on and filling the area with brilliant LED lighting.


Do I need to add batteries or run power to Starbright?

No, you do not. Starbright only uses Solar panels to charge, no need to replace batteries or run wiring from a power source.


How do I turn on Starbright and change the lighting modes?

On the underside of the solar panel, there are two buttons, one for the power and one for changing lighting modes.


Do you have a Physical Store?

No, Starbright™ is only sold online and can’t be found in any stores.


Can they be strung together?

No, you have to use each panel with each strand.


How long are the wires for Starbright Lights?

The StarBright wire is about 55 ft long and it has 150 lights.


Wire length to first LED.

6.56 Ft.


Do we have the information about the size of the solar panel of the Starbright lights and the distance of it from the first light?

10cm x 9.5cm.